Lost Opportunity

Some refer to Change the Equation as America’s watch dog organization for STEM.  Through their “coalition of CEOs, Change the Equation pledges to foster widespread literacy in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) that sparks an innovative spirit in students and prepares them for postsecondary options.”

Recently Change the Equation published a three-page “Vital Signs” report entitled Lost Opportunity. The report describes the powerful role that after school programming can play to interest students in STEM.  In words and graphs the report reveals the sad truth that only 19% of students participate in these highly engaging STEM activities.

Cary Sneider, Professor in Oregon and formerly with the Museum of Science in Boston, challenges us to help students engage more with STEM during their non-school hours. How can we make better connections to our non-formal science community and support students to aspire to and achieve their STEM goals and at the same time help them to graduate college and career ready?