MLTI Tools that support investigation/modeling

I thought you would be interested in this information about software titles you may have used that support investigation and modeling.

Dear MLTI Schools,

In years previous, two software titles were routinely included on the MLTI device, Pasco’s DataStudio and Simbio’s EcoBeaker Maine Explorer. Neither title was included in the recent proposal process. In order to attempt to accommodate consistency, the Department has worked with these software partners to make these available to some MLTI schools.


PASCO’s latest software is SPARKvue ( This software will interface with PASCO’s science probes that many schools own and use. MLTI is working with Apple and HP to make this software available to laptop schools (HP ProBooks and Apple MacBook Airs). MacBook Air schools will find SPARKvue available for download and installation through the Self Service portal. ProBook schools will find SPARKvue available in the software library in the Enabled121 portal.

The software is a 1-year trial version. The Department is actively working with PASCO to make available to schools a purchasing opportunity for those schools that wish to continue to use this software in the 2014-2015 school year. Details will be released soon.

SPARKvue is also available for free for iPad devices through the Appstore. The free version “SPARKvue” provides complete data collection functionality with PASCO data probes when used with the PASPORT AirLink 2 Bluetooth adapter, but does not include full analysis and journal tools. For more information about the PASPORT AirLink 2 Bluetooth adapter, please contact Craig Luckfield, or 518-755-7864. For a complete analysis and data package, schools may investigate SPARKvue HD. This version is available for $3.99 per device through the Appstore. The Department recommends that schools wishing to purchase apps for the iPads do so through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP). Schools purchasing at least 20 licenses are eligible to purchase SPARKvue at 50% off through VPP. For more information about VPP, schools should contact Tara Maker, or 207-318-1070.

Simbio’s EcoBeaker Maine Explorer

The Department has worked with Simbio to bring Maine Explorer back to the MacBook Air (Apple Alternate) solution schools. The software has been tested with Mac OS X Mountain Lion. When Mac OS X Mavericks is available, the Department will work with Simbio to verify that the software still functions as expected. The Department will continue to work Simbio to determine compatibility with future operating system releases, but cannot guarantee compatibility with future operating system software updates.

The Department is investigating options to upgrade EcoBeaker Maine Explorer to full compatibility with future Mac OS X releases as well as iOS and Windows so that it could be available to all participating schools. More information about this will be released soon.

Thank You