Resources related to science assessment of the future

Here are some more resources from the Science Assessment Symposium held in September 2013.

The K–12 Center at ETS recently collaborated with a dozen other organizations and held the Invitational Research Symposium on Science Assessment, which brought together many of the individuals at the forefront of K–12 science education and assessment. The purpose of this symposium was to discuss how the latest advances in measurement, cognitive science and technologies could support the development of next generation science assessments — formative, benchmark and summative — to measure the very complex competencies called for in these standards.

We are pleased to share with you several resources that are now available on our website:

  • Seven commissioned papers by leading experts in science assessment that explore the measurement challenges and opportunities ahead as new systems of science assessments are designed;
  • More than three dozen slide presentations from science educators and assessment experts; and
  • Videos of the two closing sessions.

Please download and share these resources with your colleagues.

In addition, we will soon send an invitation to join a webinar in which the highlights of the symposium and a summary report by Rodger Bybee will be discussed.

We look forward to hearing your feedback, as we strive to serve as a catalyst and resource for the improvement of measurement and data systems to enhance student achievement.


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