The New Normal: The Changing Face of Education

This presentation at the celebration of UMF’s  150th directly addresses the first practice of the NGSS.  Please make time to attend.

The New Normal: The Changing Face of Education

Teacher Education’s Celebration of UMF’s 150th presents:

A Workshop with Dan Rothstein,

co-director of the Right Question Institute and co-author of

Make Just One Change: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions 

Wednesday, November 6th at 7:00pm in the North Dining Hall, Olsen Student Center

This is an active learning experience about teaching the skill of question formulation; a deceptively simple practice that has the potential to transform learning for all students. When students learn to produce their own questions, improve their questions and strategize on how to use them they:

•      Become more engaged in their learning

•      Take more ownership

•      Learn more

Learning to ask questions may be the single most important learning technology available to us all. It is also a simple powerful practice that costs nothing and has remarkable staying power once learned. You are invited to a unique opportunity to actively learn how students can develop the ability to ask their own questions and contribute to a discussion about how this could help improve education on all levels.