Maine DOE’s new Science & Technology Specialist and a new Blog venue

It is a pleasure for me to introduce the Maine DOE’s new Science and Technology Specialist, Shari Templeton. Shari brings a passion for science education and student learning, not to mention 30 years of experience in four districts to her new state role. Until this month, Shari taught at Wiscasett High school and served  as the  district’s K-12 Science Coordinator.  We are fortunate that our conversations about science education will be watched over and supported by this talented teacher and committed professional.

The welcoming of our new State Science Specialist comes with another move.  Maine DOE is taking this opportunity to integrate regular posts related to science into the Commissioner’s Weekly Update.  Shari Templeton, will  share important information about science education standards along with information about education topics such as educator effectiveness and proficiency-based education.  To make this transition seamless all 370 members of the SciTech Framework community will be subscribed to the Commissioner’s Weekly Update this week.  We look forward to serving you with science news in this new format and we hope that you will continue to follow along in the Newsroom and the Professional Development calendar for the latest information and opportunities from the Department. It is important that individuals beyond the science education community know about the great work happening throughout the state in science education, and by integrating these updates in to the Department Newsroom and Update, we can be assured science ed news is getting many more eyes upon it and the attention it deserves.

Please put your hands together and join me in welcoming Shari Templeton to her new role!